NEW - Push and Pull Lightweight Shopper - Light Tartan

NEW - Push and Pull Lightweight Shopper - Light Tartan

VAT included

FREE - Matching Insulated Cool bag worth £14.99 included (fully detachable with shoulder strap).


- Can hold 25kg in weight

- 42 Litres capacity (room enough for a weeks shop)

- Easy adjustable Handles 

- Folds completely flat

- Weighs under 3kg

- Swivel Front wheel for easier maneuvering

- Foot brake included 

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We are pleased to introduce our new lightweight model to our ever growing range of shopping trolleys!

This model is perfect for those looking to travel with an extremely lightweight shopper which has a large capacity for storage. The model is available in our two most popular colours: Light Tartan & Brown Tartan

Replace your pull along trolley with our new 2 in 1 push and pull trolley. Have the option whether you wish to push the trolley in-front of you or pull the trolley behind you whilst walking. we offer a 1 year frame guarantee to give you confidence when buying this highly rated new product!

FULLY ASSEMBLED - We take the stress away from you by ensuring the trolley is fully assembled before delivery. This is a big point which separates us from our competitors who will deliver your trolley in pieces with instructions too hard to read!


1. Weighs under 3kg - This is suitable for those hoping to take the trolley in/out of the car, on/off public transport and up/down stairs!

2. Folds Completely flat - The trolley folds with or without the bags attached so you have the option to keep the trolley stored away neatly with ease!

3. Holds up to 42L and 25kg in weight - This is perfect for those hoping to do a full weeks shop in one trip! 

4. Swivel Front Wheel - This comes away from the classic pull along trolley which fails to turn corners and maneuver smoothly! Make life easier by investing into your convenience.

5. Foot Brake - There are 2 foot brakes located on each of the rear wheels. This allows you to feel confident your trolley will not roll down any hills or roll down the carriages on public transport!

6.  FREE COOLBAG - Limited time offer of a free £14.99 coolbag in matching couler which fits snugly at the bag of your trolley for extra storage! It is detachable and can be used separately with the shoulder strap included. The lining is insulated which is perfect for those wanting to keep their food fresh for longer!

7. Front and rear pockets -  The trolley has more than enough storage space with an extra front pocket and rear zip pocket for keys, coins, phone purse and more!


• Weight 3kg

• Height 95cm Floor to Handle

• Length 50cm

• Width 40cm

• Max Large bag weight capacity 25kg

• Max Large bag capacity 42 Litres

• Max matching insulated bag capacity 8 Litres

Special Offer

Special Offer

Special Offer

All trolleys now come with a FREE walking stick/umbrella holder!
(Excluding the lightweight model)

Product Video

Prestige Ultimate Shopper

Walk, Rest & Shop with the Prestige Ultimate Shopping Trolley!

Watch the video to see this unique shopping trolley in action...

Unique Product Features

This is a unique product with 3 features in 1

Ultimate Shopper

1 Walk

Most users require this trolley for walking. So we have tested the stability scientifically using the specially designed apparatus. We tested a close competitor against our new ultimate trolley. We tested with both trolleys empty and handles in lowest position, weights were added onto the handles until the trolleys began to tip.


Results: competitor tipped at 9.5kg. The Ultimate trolley tipped at 13kg. According to our tests the ultimate trolley is more stable by 30%. We think you will agree this will be a real aid to your walking. The unique brake increases stability. This brake is a walking brake and hand brake.


The combination of the brake and angled back wheels makes our trolley the most stable available. When you lean on the handle it is much less likely to tip.

Ultimate Shopper

2 Rest

Seat Trolley - Tested to 25 stone

The lid which is padded doubles as a comfortable seat. Simply put your hand brake on and sit down and rest. An added benefit is the shopping trolley is complete with a quality inner bag to keep your shopping dry and safe.

The bag is replaceable. The design of our trolley means the frame can be used without the bag inside. The frame is extremely strong with a 5-year guarantee.


3 Shop

Shopping Trolley: The basket is a unique shape. We have designed it so that it is easy to reach your shopping at the bottom. Most trolley bags are too deep, making it difficult to reach the bottom. The volume of our bag is still big enough to take a full shop, this is because it is bigger from front to back than a normal bag.

Basket capacity
- 6 loaves of Bread - 3ltrs Milk plus more...