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At Prestige Engineering we have been making trolleys for over 25 years but this is the best and most stable shopping trolley yet. This has received some fantastic comments from our new customers.

I am writing to tell you that your Ultimate shopper is now my best friend. For the last three years I have not been able to walk more than a few yards without having to stop and sit or lean on the nearest wall as my pain kicked in. My walking stick helped to keep my balance, but pain was still there! I have had MRI Scans and a spinal fusion & decompression, but pain remained once I was on my feet.

Two weeks ago, I went on a trip with my club, and it was only 3rd time I had used the shopper. I was able to walk around for 3 hours with NO PAIN in my back or hips. My Christmas purchases and my shoulder bag were in my shopper, so I was "hands free" so to speak. I walked to Chemists last Saturday which is 1/4 mile return and I walked it all. Sat down to rest 3 times, it is brilliant! People stare at it and some talk about it which I explain to them how helpful it is for me.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely Sheila (Aged 84)

"Very very happy with my walk and rest trolley, its very sturdy, safe and so easy to fold, ideal for bus and train, its got to be the best value for money I ever got. It's ideal for elderly or disabled people with mobiĺity problems, very glad I found that website."

"Hi, just felt I had to write and tell you how wonderful this is. So much more better than the sholly trolly. I have cancer in my right leg and mobility is good and bad so to have this. I feel I will be able to go anywhere and not worry if I need a sit down. Will be going to isle of wight in 5 weeks time and will be taking my new friend with me to help me along the way. Thank you so much!"

"We ordered this by credit card from yours magazine. Came within 3 days. Unbelievable service.
A few weeks ago before buying your trolley I fell over so lost my confidence. I am over 80 so stopped going out. Ilfracombe has lots of hills the brake is so useful.
... and your trolley not only has a wonderful seat but arms to assist getting up. The wonderful brake system enables me to apply the brake gently when walking downhill with a trolley full of shopping. IT HAS GENUINLY GIVEN ME A NEW LEASE OF LIFE. I have a sholley but this does not have a brake or a seat. Because of my arthritis i can now stop and sit down whenever i need to and find shopping much easier and enjoyable.

"I ordered this prior to going on holiday in Portugal hoping it would be less cumbersome than my husband's (he had parkinson's) to use. It was easy for the plane,not too heavy for my daughter to lift and easy for any coaches used and for me not only a walking aid but could sit near any courier speaking and instructing, not having to find the nearest seat and being out of touch. At nearly 88 yrs such a boon. Thank you"
Mrs J Hitchcock

"Received my trolley just before my Occupational therapist was due to take me out with the rollator, she is now so impressed with the trolley that the rollator Is going back. I love it, and feel very secure using it. Thank you so much, worth every penny."

"Received my shopping trolley a few days ago, and absolutely delighted. I am 87, and need a walking aid and to be able to sit and rest is marvellous. I am sure a lot of my elderly friends will be very interested. Thank you for a wonderful piece of equipment."
Yours thankfully S. Holmes

"I just wanted to thank you for making such an excellent trolley. I use it almost every day and very often am asked where I purchased it. Some of my friends have already sent off for theirs! I have recently moved and now have a new group of people stopping me to make enquiries! It is very stable to use as a walking aid, very comfortable to use as a seat and holds all my shopping! Who could ask for more! Thank you. Patricia

"I have to say how wonderful I have found the shopper. I am on a committee that runs groups for the elderly every week. Many of these have admired your shopper walk and rest. Four in the group so far have bought them. No one had seen them before. A couple of ladies have brought them into the group once they came for me to adjust the height ect. Since getting mine in December I have photocopied your advert to hand out to people on the bus or round the town who stop and ask me where I got it. I do not get any pain walking with my shopper whereas I do without, which is brilliant . No pill popping while I am out plus I can walk further, Thanks"
Regards Patricia

"On the 6th of June at ten minutes to ten a large exciting parcel arrived. At this point I must say I was rather apprehensive as I had sent for a shopping trolley from another company that was not fit for purpose, from a another company that advertises and it was sent back. I need not have worried. When I unloaded I could not believe how beautiful it was completely stable and plenty of room for books and shopping. Perfect engineering and easy to fold up. Mentally I was jumping for joy. Physically I am not able to do that. Thank you again it's truly great." J Seamons. Norfolk.

"My mother is 88 years old and uses her trolley every day as not only for her shopping but also a walking aid. Although she has bought various walkers and another shopping trolley, she finds your shopping trolley is so stable it does not put pressure on her neck or back. Many thanks for giving her freedom to carry on walking!" Mrs Sutton Kent

"Just want to thank you for your help in getting the Ultimate Shopper delivered direct to my mother's address whilst we were away. It arrived early the following morning and she is absolutely delighted with its sturdiness and roominess. My mother is 92 and does her own shopping every day and has already had many compliments on the style and look of the Ultimate Shopper from passers-by in the High Street. She says she feels so much more confident going out now and can lean on it without worrying whether or not it will hold her weight, as well as having a sit down when she feels tired. The fact that both the brakes are easily accessible and directed from one place gives her great confidence in using it. She was easily able to collapse the shopping trolley on her own and was amazed how neatly it folds away. Thank you very much." Lynne White.

If you don't agree this is the most stable walker / shopping trolley available in the UK - we will give you your money back!!